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Alicia Crow

One of the most impressive people we have met, on our pioneering journey to cultivate community, is Alicia Crow.  She started canning as a way to feed her family and friends from her own garden.  A lifelong resident of Kensington, Alicia has been canning since she was 10 years old, making jellies and jams from fresh fruit picked when in season.

Alicia grew up on a farm amid a large family, with a large garden.  She needed to be grocery store frugal, so learned at a young age to not waste any food.  Canning became a way of life for her.  She experimented with flavor profiles after she had an accident and was confined to a wheelchair.  She adopted the name CRABBY CROWS COUNTRY KITCHEN because her dear husband Dwight would come home to boxes of canned foods stacked up all over the house, and he got a little crabby (crow jokes have been a lifelong thing with him!)  Four decades of love, they converted a bedroom in their house to a storage room for her supplies and products.  That includes 2 industrial shelving units and a freezer, in addition to two outdoor freezers and a shed to hold all the fruits and veggies that she processes throughout the year.

Alicia loves experimenting, making new things for people (her testers) to enjoy and offer their feedback on. She is always willing to entertain new ideas and recipes; you can reach her at [email protected].  Alicia’s canner never sleeps!

It’s a remarkable and wonderful coincidence that we not only share a name, but our strongly-held belief that people deserve good food at a reasonable price.

Crows’ Feat Farm is honored to showcase the culinary gifts of Alicia Crow.