Our mission

The mission of Crows’ Feat Farm is to build community through a collaborative commitment to regenerative farming. Our goal is to restore these Kensington farmlands to peak fertility, so they may provide abundant, nourishing and affordable food for our Seacoast community. Our focus is on sustainable farming practices that are compatible with the restoration of wildlife habitat, in support of native flora and fauna. We will work cooperatively with other area farmers, conservation trusts, technical experts and community groups to honor and balance the goals of permaculture, efficiency, natural preservation and community access. We view our role as stewards of a precious natural resource in the service of future generations.

When we talk about our mission, we’re talking about accountability to ourselves, and to the world we want to live in.

Karen’s thoughts on accountability

Lisa catching butterflies, 2010
2013 - Lisa and Peter
Lisa & Pete, 2013
William fishing, 2013