Growing Together

Sean Merryman and his childhood friend Chris Hitzle have put their stake in the ground as Enterprise Farmers here at Crows' Feat Farm.  They will be managing Merryman's Fine Foods,…

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Seeing is Believing

I never thought it would be possible to bring a group of people together in community--as much as we love and support one another--to accomplish a task as difficult and…

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Working Together

Last weekend the Crows' Feat "farm team" got together for a working party to put our permaculture beds to rest for the winter.  Fourteen of us gathered to (a) lay…

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Cultivating Community

It's been an exciting few months here at Crows' Feat, as we have gathered like-minded individuals to help us envision a future as a large-scale, cooperative, permaculture farm.  We welcomed…

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A Musical Feast

For those of you who don’t know the backstory, the Crows' Feat Farm summer concert series began with a missed summer vacation.  Our family’s Acadia sojourn was canceled due to…

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Harvest Time

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  • Post published:September 7, 2020
  • Post category:News

It's high harvest at Crows' Feat Farm, and the produce is coming fast and furious!  We've donated almost all of our organic vegetables to the Society of St Vincent de…

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Finding Farmers

Crows' Feat Farm has teamed up with the folks at Land for Good and the New England Farmland Finder to recruit farming partners to help us expand and diversify the…

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A Milestone Reached

With yesterday's donation, Crows' Feat Farm has contributed $1,000 worth of produce to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Exeter--that's two hundred pounds of zucchini and squash, 70…

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Yielding Goodness

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  • Post published:July 27, 2020
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Clients of the Society of St Vincent de Paul are eating their vegetables! So far, Crows' Feat Farm has donated 13 bunches of spinach, 10 bunches of lettuce, 37 bunches…

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