Karen & Peter

Karen and Pete are  taking Crows’ Feat back to its roots as a working farm.  The challenge of providing sufficient and nourishing food for our society has assumed new urgency as a result of the loss of topsoil and community that are ravaging the heartlands of America.  We believe that regenerative cultivation of food and forests is vitally important to the survival of our natural communities. It is upon that belief that we are restoring these lands to peak fertility, while preserving habitats for native flora and fauna.  


Nadine likes nothing more than being outdoors with her hands in the dirt.  A lifelong gardener and landscape artist, she is an adept at listening to and learning from the natural world.  Nadine is a strong proponent of localism, regenerative agriculture and the principles of permaculture.  Resourceful and fiercely independent, she is the proud mother of three talented daughters.  When not gardening, Nadine enjoys spending time at the camp she’s building in the Maine woods, and playing with her boxer dog Bolo.  She is delighted to join the pioneering endeavor that is Crows’ Feat Farm.


Devin is a young man who is wise beyond his years.  Extraordinarily caring and capable, Devin has surmounted all challenges, working two or three jobs at a time, to forge his place in the world – since he was sixteen years old.  Before he joined us in this community farming endeavor, Devin excelled at everything to which he put his hand and heart. 


Kelsy was born and raised in Dover, NH, practically in the kitchen.  She comes from a from a family of cooks, who have managed a popular food truck on the UNH Campus for the last two decades.

Kelsy began her professional journey following in their footsteps, and spent two years developing her own skills in a well-developed culinary program through high school. Shortly after graduating, she decided to take a different path and started a career in law enforcement, providing  7 years of service to the community. While she loved  her career as an officer, Kelsy realized she was happiest in the outdoors, where plants talk back less than people do. 😉

With a few clients already onboard, Kelsy decided to quit her full-time job and launch her own landscaping business, which is how she met Karen and Peter.  She says that Crows’ Feat Farm has given her invaluable insight on what it is like to be part of a community that appreciates the simple things in life:  good food, good conversation and, even better, good people to share it with.  Those are the things that motivated her to join the cooperative for the 2023 season!


Ken is a neighbor and friend of Crows’ Feat Farm who has been a regular participant in our work parties over the years.  He has now embarked on his second career as a farmer.  A former software engineer, Ken brings meticulous analytical and organizational skills to our planting operations.  Just as we have been learning from him, Ken has learned about no-till growing techniques and the art of groundhog re-location (hoping to avoid a Caddyshack moment!)  Ken grows our lettuces, radishes, beets and other produce across the street.  Apart from farming, Kens’ interests include ocean kayaking and renewable energy options for consumers, such as solar, batteries, and EVs.