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Giving Thanks by Giving Back

The highlight of our 2023 season was the time we spent meeting and serving community at the Exeter Farmer’s Market.  All the Seacoast markets – both summer and winter – from Exeter to Durham, Portsmouth to Dover,  are organized and managed by Seacoast Eat Local.  The folks at this wonderful non-profit connect people of all stripes with produce of all kinds, making New Hampshire the leading U.S. state in terms of direct farmer sales to the public.  And they do so much more.  They handle the paperwork that makes it possible for farmers to accept SNAP tokens.  They work with the Vouchers for Veterans program so that producers can support those who so honorably served our country.  They offer workshops and other learning opportunities to encourage new farmers, and to teach kids about the value of locally produced food.  They publish a guide to local farms & food crafters in the Seacoast region.

The farmers markets are very well-organized, as was plain in Exeter this summer.  Despite construction on the Swasey Parkway, which complicated the flow of traffic in and out, dozens of vendors set up and maintained their booths with a minimum of fuss and stress.  It was one wonderful afternoon after another, as people strolled the parkway to enjoy a wide variety of produce – meat, eggs, veggies, herbs, spices, coffees, cheeses, baked treats, and crafts – not to mention the incredibly delicious food trucks.

This was our first year at the market.  We were newbies worried about logistics, protocol, courtesies, etc.  We received a warm welcome from the folks at Seacoast Eat Local, as well as other vendors.  There’s a great spirit of cooperation and camaraderie, as each helps the other as best we can.  I met some old friends and made a bunch of new ones who offered great advice (thanks Nick!) timely tips (thank you FigTree Kitchen!), future plans (thank you Cousin Dean!) along with smiles and support of all kinds.  Even better was getting to know customers who love local food – and are sincere in their desire to support farmers.  We made so many great connections.

The tradition of farmers markets goes back to the earliest days of our country, and continues to lift up our communities.

Crows’ Feat Farm is particularly grateful that Seacoast Eat Local was willing to work flexibly with us as we found our footing amid early-season challenges with weather and personnel.  We weren’t sure how much we could deliver and wished, above all, to not let anyone down!  They gave us an opportunity to learn and grow, and we are eager to return next year, and the year after that…as long as we’re able to set up our tables!

We are giving back to Seacoast Eat Local, and invite you to join us. The Evans Morone Family Fund and an anonymous donor have come together to match up to $12,500 of donations from now through December 31, 2023, effectively doubling our donations and impact.  To learn more, visit the Seacoast Eat Local website.

Here’s to good food and great community!