Baby Kale and Arugula can be kept in a pot on the window sill and harvested 3-4 times throughout the spring, for salads and side dishes.

Otherwise, from late-April you can plant your seedlings outdoors in prepared soil – enriched with organic matter such as compost. To ensure a smooth transplant, start by setting them outdoors for a couple of hours at a time, so they can acclimate to the light and temperature of your garden.  After several days have passed, remove the seedlings from their pots then lay them out onto the soil surface, ready to plant. Use a hand trowel or just your fingers to make holes in the soil. Drop each seedling into its hole then firm in around the rootball. Lankier seedlings can be planted deeper, so long as you don’t bury the lowest leaves. Water the newly planted area to settle the soil around the roots.

It’s important that the rootballs are moist before planting. If they aren’t, stand plugs in a bucket of water until they’re soaked through.