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Taking Root at Crows’ Feat Farm!

Teachers Kaitlin Muller-Cusack and Julia Ayer are bringing their new educational program, Taking Root, to Crows’ Feat Farm this summer.  Their mission is to provide an alternative education program centered around mindfulness, environmental stewardship and community – anchored in Crows’ Feat’s commitment to regenerative farming.  Ample research has demonstrated the myriad benefits to mind and body of time spent in the stillness and wildness outdoors, listening to and learning from nature.  This July, kids aged 5-13 will participate in one- or two-week sessions in “nature’s classroom,” engaged in forest bathing, yoga & meditation practices, and ponding.  Students will also learn about sustainable growing practices including soil health, farm to table food production, and composting.

Kaitlin and Julia are offering a $30 discount to friends of Crows’ Feat Farm, so sign up today!

Crows’ Feat Farm will also be hosting two field trips, first at the beginning and again at the end of the summer, as part of Kensington’s summer camp program.  We are delighted to bring the excitement of nature and nurture to kids this summer!