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Why We're Live

We’re delighted to continue the tradition of live music at Crows’ Feat Farm, and are welcoming a remarkable lineup of artists to perform for our community this year.

Speaking of 2021, the theme song for the summer season is David Roth’s “This is the Year.”  It is a wonderful invitation to be (or become) our best selves.

Live music creates unforgettable momentsones that cannot be replicated, much less digitized because they are recorded in a different key in our hearts.  That’s how I first heard David Roth, live and in person in Rollinsford NH, about a decade ago. It’s our great fortune that he will be leading the first of our “patio concerts” at Crows’ Feat Farm on July 4th.

It was twenty years ago that I first heard also in person the music of Tracy Grammer and her late collaborator Dave Carter.  To say their music was life-changing would be an understatement.  Tracy and her talented musical partner Jim Henry will be opening our series on June 27th – their first live performance in over a year.  It is with enormous gratitude that we welcome them to Crows’ Feat Farm.

As you will see, the musicians who make up our summer of 2021 represent a broad array of styles and ages, all with extraordinary talent and determination to keep the tradition of live music alive.

This is indeed the year

We have two different types of concerts planned for 2021 – lawn concerts performed from our snazzy bandshell tent (these can accommodate up to 150 guests) and smaller “patio concerts” at the house for a more intimate experience (no more than 40 guests). We will alternate between lawn and patio concerts each week, with music most Sundays from 3-5 pm (sometimes 6 pm) for your enjoyment!

These concerts come from and for this community—they are not a commercial venture.  We are SUGGESTING DONATIONS that go entirely to the artists.  So please come listen, love, and support them this summer.

As we did last year, Crows’ Feat Farm is absorbing the operating costs of these concerts.  If you wish to support the work the farm – and we hope you’ll take time this summer to meet the farmers – please do!

God bless us, everyone.