Cherry Tomato Seedling Varieties


We have a variety of cherry tomato plants to choose from – our farmers can explain the characteristics and merits of each when you visit Crows’ Feat!

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Sweetie Cherry is, as the name suggests, a sweet tomato in small clusters on tall plants. Great for snacking

Jasper Cherry is a small, deep-red variety that resists late blight. The flavor is sweet and rich

Peacevine Cherry is a high-production plant that yields 3/4′ fruit. Most are red, though occasionally orange/gold.  Quite delicious, the Peacevine is named for its high content of gamma amino butyric acid, a calming body sedative

Sweet Pea Currant are deceptively big on a sweet currant flavor. Its leaves, flowers and 1/4 inch ruby red fruit are the smallest we have seen. Charming plants have a low, spreading habit great for hanging baskets