Crows' Feat Farm Share

We are pleased to announce our 6-week  Crows’ Feat Farm Autumn Share!

Over six weeks starting Sept 19 through the end of October, Crows’ Feat Farm will be sharing the best our farmers have to offer.

Each farm share accommodates meals for two people and costs $225 (about $37 per week), paid up front.  Every week, the share will include a half dozen pasture-raised eggs and 6-7 produce items, such as greens, root vegetables, winter squash, fresh fruits, herbs, and preserved foods.

An example (shares will vary over the season) might be a bunch of carrots and kale, a butternut squash, 2 onions, a pint of cherry tomatoes, a bunch of thyme, a couple of pears, a jar of wild cherry jam, and half a dozen eggs.  If you have a larger family, you are welcome to purchase two shares.

We are offering the following add-ons to customize your share (prices cover the whole 6-week period):

  • Goat cheese:  one log each week featuring rotating seasonal flavors, handmade from raw Nubian goat milk, for an additional $39
  • Kombucha: one 32-oz bottle each week featuring rotating seasonal flavors for an additional $50 (please return your bottles each week!)
  • Cut flowers: one artisanal bouquet each week featuring rotating seasonal blooms sourced from the farm, for an additional $30
  • Apothecary items: one item every other week, featuring homemade soaps, balms and salves to keep you healthy as the weather cools, for an additional $25

Pick-up at our farm stand (180 Drinkwater Rd) will take place on Saturdays from 10 am-2 pm, or on Tuesdays from 4-6 pm at the barn at 178 Drinkwater Rd, in Kensington. 

If you would like to sign up for the farm share, please contact [email protected] with the number of shares you’d like, and any add-ons items, by Monday September 20th.  Please also let us know your preferred pick-up time (Saturdays or Tuesdays).  Please note the number of shares is limited to 10 families so please respond promptly.

We look forward to sharing Crows’ Feat Farm’s bounty with you!