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A Tribute to Devin Torres

Devin joined us in early July last year to assist with our summer concerts and picnics. We thought it would be a limited engagement, but he has proven himself to be indispensable to the mission of Crows’ Feat.  Despite a lengthy commute amid crazy drivers, Devin missed only one day of work over the past year – and for a very good reason.  He has come early and stayed late.  He has accepted any task we asked him to do, and done it well.  He understands all the seasons of a farm.

Devin has brought extraordinary grace and dignity to the hard work of farming.  He is an exceptional person – a standout among his generation.  In other words, we admire and love him.

On July 14th Redemption Band will be playing at the farm.  This concert is dedicated to Devin Torres.