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Flower Power

When I was a girl, one of my cherished dreams was to be a florist when I grew up (I was also that strange 12 year-old who is fascinated by geriatric medicine!)  There are few things in this world more lovely than flowers, which derive much of their enchantment from the fleeting nature of their beauty.

Life took me in a different direction, but when we launched Crows’ Feat Farm, I saw an opportunity to indulge my love of flowers – and to bring their radiance to our community.  Enterprise farmer Sean Merryman and Crows’ Feat community members Deb O’Day and Ann Mendelsohn have helped me bring the dream to life with their expansive knowledge of floriculture.  

We are incredibly fortunate to partner with another small business, Cymbidium Floral in downtown Exeter, to supply fresh local stems for their signature arrangements.  Last winter I worked with proprietor Jess Christoferson to identify her most beloved blooms, which are also among my favorites:  tulips, ranunculus, peony, anemone, scabiosa, jip gloriosa and many more.  The exquisite arrangement you see here makes use of our white allium, lace cap hydrangea, Ukigumo Japanese maple, and red Japanese maple.

Working with a similarly-sized local business brings so many blessings:  their needs match our capacity; we can respond promptly and flexibly to their evolving demand (providing the very freshest stems) and we enjoy the camaraderie that comes from supporting one another.  Cultivating community one step and smile at a time.

The farmers at Crows’ Feat will never forget the kindness and generosity of this wonderful local business, who extended a helping hand by becoming our first client.  Cymbidium opened the door for us, and we are forever grateful!