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Seeing is Believing

I never thought it would be possible to bring a group of people together in community–as much as we love and support one another–to accomplish a task as difficult and dirty as the one we mastered on January 2nd, 2021.  It was a miserable day, weather-wise, but full of determination and joy as the Crows’ Feat Farm team cleared out the “corn crib” in our 275 year-old barn.  The corn was long gone; we were left with ancient logs and wood scraps from 100 years ago or more.  They had turned to powder from decades of heat and cold, and amounted to a massive and dusty 6’x10’x10′ pile.  We need the barn for more important purposes–such as a root cellar to store produce and possibly space for future WWOOFers–but Peter and I did not have a plan or the ability to confront the task ourselves.

Thankfully, Scott and Anna convinced us that a Crows’ Feat Farm working party COULD do it.  And we DID do it, helped along by 10 amazing individuals and some great music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.  That sounds like an ancient radio advertisement, but not all of us are that old!  Many different ages, and perspectives, aligned in a common purpose:  to support this farm and the community we are building here.

Honestly, the experience brought me to tears, because it gave me hope that what I remember from my childhood is still possible–that we can recreate the kind of community that can handle whatever life and dirt throw at us.  Talk is cheap these days, but seeing is believing.