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A Milestone Reached

With yesterday’s donation, Crows’ Feat Farm has contributed $1,000 worth of produce to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in Exeter–that’s two hundred pounds of zucchini and squash, 70 pounds of cucumbers, 20 bushels of kale and swiss chard, 5 bushels of spinach & lettuce, 30 pounds of beets, 7 punds of purple beans, and an assortment of peas, onions, broccoli and fennel. And we’re just getting started!

We’re not concerned with the monetary value of these donations, but want to ensure that this farm can operate in a cost-effective manner.  That means achieving good yields that provide nutritious and affordable food.  In other words, enough to support future generations of farmers and our community, while upholding our commitment to the environment.  We think it’s a pretty good start.